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Birthday Parties



Thank you for your interest in Bow-Tie Cinemas! We offer two different packages, please see below:

The Deluxe Package (Adult or Child Party):

  • Package deal only (tickets, combo & party room/space)
  • Minimum 10 / Maximum 25 guests.
  • Reserved tickets during regular scheduled show times. Schedules are posted weekly*. This package can be offered any day of the week and is open to the public.
  • Rate per person: Each location offers a different rate and it does depend on movie selection.
  • To find admission cost, click here to choose your desired location.
  • Concession Packages:
    • Kid’s Pack: $6.00 added to each child for child’s party (kids popcorn, drink & Welch’s Fruit Snack or Cookie Dough Bites)
    • Small Combo: $7.50 added to each adult for adult party (small popcorn &small drink)
  • Party Room/Party Space** $50.00 – $75.00 per hour depending on date and location. Anything in the party room or space would need to be provided by party such as paper goods, decor and outside food. Restrictions apply.
  • Offered at select locations only: Ultimate Annapolis Mall,  Ultimate Marquis (Trumbull), Palace (Hartford), Hoboken, Movieland 6 (Schenectady),  Criterion Saratoga, Wilton Mall, Reston, and Movieland (Richmond).

Roughly estimated to start at $200.00.

* Weekly schedules are posted every Tuesday and apply for that upcoming Friday through Thursday. We do not know prior unless advance ticket sales are promoted for limited engagements. Please remember new movies release every Friday and the schedule can change. We do not guarantee movie titles at certain locations or show times, BTC does not own the material being provided, only the studios producing the movie can control new release dates and bookings.

**Reserved seating at select locations.
** Party Room and Spaces are ONLY at select locations, please ask prior to booking if the desired location has available space. Parties cannot provide any outside food during the movie with the public, only in party room/space/Private Package. No food that we sell as concessions can be provided such as popcorn, soda and candy.

The Private PREMIERE Package (Adult or Child Party):

  • Minimum 20 / Maximum full auditorium size (depending on location).
  • Party can choose a New Release Movie (title the location is currently playing and/or scheduled to play) OR choose a DVD/Blu-ray (for an older movie, party must provide copy to play on the big screen).
  • Private screenings are ONLY offered 9:30AM-12:30PM. Movie at 10AM (applies for all locations).
  • Rental Fee: $300.
  • For Child Party:
    • New Release: $12.00ea (2D ticket and KidsPack).
    • DVD/Blu-ray: $6.00ea (KidsPack).
    • Adults with the party are $6.00ea for 2D ticket (New Release) or Free with DVD/Blu-ray package.
  • For Adult Party:
    • New Release: $13.50ea (2D ticket and Small Combo)
    • DVD/Blu-ray: $7.50ea (Small Combo)
  • After movie, party will have time up until 12:30PM to celebrate right inside private auditorium space or party room/space. Anything provided must be by party such as paper goods, decor and outside food. Restrictions apply.

Roughly estimated to start at $420.00-$570.00.

Reserve Your Party Today!

For reservations and a quick special event quote, please click here. For questions, please email [email protected]. Please include final details such as desired location, date, and party package. Note: You are NOT confirmed until you receive a party confirmation via email with your itinerary (availability applies).

Deluxe and Premiere packages must be reserved as a full bundle (party room, rental fee, tickets & combo).

We do not reserve/book parties for the Holiday weekends of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you!


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