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5 Best Reasons To Go to the Movie Theater

Even with the latest advancements in high-definition television and countless mediocre original streaming series, nothing matches the grandeur and excitement that comes with the shared experience of seeing a memorable movie on the silver screen.  Here are five reasons to make the trip to your local Bow Tie Cinemas.

Unmatched Presentation

A BTX presentation is simply enormous, making the sensory experience more extreme. In addition to the size, the action scenes when in 3D are more intense and will have you at the edge of your seat. The extreme screen affects the way you perceive the film's events.  Even if you have a home theater, it does not come close to this kind of excitement. The other unmatched aspect is adding Dolby Atmos to the mix. Featured in the BTX auditoriums at the Ultimate Marquis 16 & BTX and Ultimate Annapolis Mall 11 & BTX, Dolby Atmos introduces overhead speakers and audio objects to cinema sound, creating powerful and moving audio. 

Preshow Fun

We encourage our moviegoers to join in on the preshow fun with Noovie. This revolutionary app offered at our theaters allows our audience to become fully immersed in the movie-going experience. Noovie combines arcade games and trivia with the Big Screen for a gaming experience like no other, all while you wait for the feature presentation to begin! Head to a Bow Tie Cinema near you and get in your seat early to see what’s Noovie. 


Let's face it, it's difficult to match the buttery perfection of movie theater popcorn in your own kitchen. Bow Tie Cinemas loyal customers seek out our theaters not only for our fantastic movie selection but also for the delicious signature popcorn. Don’t forget to try our delicious Jack & Harry’s Gourmet Flavored Popcorn (Caramel, Cheddar, Churro and more) made fresh in-house at select Bow Tie locations.

Ultimate Experience

When it comes to the ultimate movie-watching experience, the theater just can’t be beat. Since 1900, Bow Tie offers unrivaled service to its patrons, going above and beyond to ensure a fantastic viewing experience. Not only do our cinemas offer excellent customer service but many are updated with amenities to make your feature presentation one to remember. Our Ultimate brand of cinema features luxury reserved recliner seating, elevated full menu and bar offerings, and partial in-seat service in a newly renovated theater environment. 

Movie-going Culture

Going to a movie theater is a great way to get a big group of friends or an entire family together. It is also a favorite date idea because you can enjoy your date's company without any awkward silences. Dedicate your entire evening to the thrill of going to the movies by planning activities before and after the event.

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