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Star Wars Fan Theories

When the original Star Wars premiered in 1977, audiences were blown away. Some left theaters pantomiming their own lightsaber duels. Some contemplated if it was, in fact, possible to Vader-choke someone from across the room. Some even tried to emulate Princess Leia’s cinnamon roll-inspired hairstyle. But everyone who sat in that audience could agree that Han Solo was cool. Like, so cool. At that time, the previous standard for coolness was set by Fonzie of “Happy Days.” Well, Solo made Fonzie look like an asthmatic Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. (Not that there’s anything wrong with D & D. No need to blast us on Twitter, guys.)

After the long stretch of time between Jedi and Phantom Menace, audiences finally got the chance to revisit a galaxy, far, far away. Now, there’s a lot of reasons why those prequels fell flat. But our theory? No Solo. Han Solo, if you will.

2015’s The Force Awakens gave us our Han back. Age and lightsaber-impalement aside, it was great to see the coolest guy in the galaxy back in action, if only in a limited capacity. But if you’re jonesing for your Han fix as much as we are, there’s a new hope. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Solo hits theaters this May, and fans are already wondering what could be in store. Like, really wondering. A quick Google search and a few message board visits will show you just how much wondering, in fact. Some of the theories and speculations you may read would have you responding with an enthusiastic “of course!” Some make about as much sense as C-3PO being built by an 8-year old Darth Vader. (We’re still not over that. Really, George Lucas?)

We won’t know the truth until Solo hits theaters this May, but until then, here are some theories fans can mull over between now and then…



One popular theory is that the entire film is all just one long flashback Han is experiencing after being encased in carbonite towards the end of The Empire Strikes Back. A carbonite-mare, if you will. Fans may find the old plot device of an extended dream sequence to be a little cliche, but admit it: the idea of the film being bookended by Han’s descent into the freezing chamber and his rescue from Jabba’s palace does sound pretty cool.

Some theorize, however, that while Solo was in that slab he was actually dreaming of being a certain archeologist who had a way with a whip and an aversion to snakes. But if you want our advice, maybe don’t bet on that one.


In The Force Awakens, it’s easy to see that Han takes a liking to Rey. Some viewers thought there was a bit more to this. Did she remind him of someone from his past, perhaps?

Well, think about this: Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke plays a character known only as “Kira” in Solo. Is it that hard to believe that maybe, just maybe, Emilia Clarke’s Kira is the mother of Daisy Ridley’s Rey? Assuming Kira and Han have a bit of a romantic past, it’s easy to see why old Han might have taken such a shine to young Rey.


In the trailer, Han speaks to an Imperial officer about joining the Empire’s flight academy. Later, he says he was booted from said academy for “having a mind of his own.”

So Han once dabbled in the Imperial lifestyle. That’s cool, we were all young once. No judgement..

But let’s assume that he left on less than good terms. In fact, let’s assume the Imperials are really, really unhappy with how young Han handled his time at the jackbooted boot camp. In that case, the empire would be after him. And if they really wanted to get revenge on young Han, perhaps we’ll see Darth Vader choking out officers after each failed attempt to catch him?

At any rate, it’s safe to say Vader probably won’t be a good reference for Han’s next job interview.


The last standalone film in the series was Rogue One, which ended precisely where A New Hope began. Could Solo end in a similar fashion? Will the film close out with Han stopping into Mos Eisely Cantina for a well-earned drink and just as our old buddy Obi-Wan asks if he could hitch a ride on the Falcon?

And if that is the case, might we see the return of a Mr. Ewan McGreggor?

So what do you think? Are these theories warmer than the Tatooine sands, or are they colder than the tundra of Hoth? And if you have theories of your own, let us know!

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