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Zakhariapothen Jeevichirippundu (Zacharia Pothen Jeevichirippundu)

Rated: NR


  • Directed By: Ullas Unnikrishnan
  • Starring: Lal, Babu Antony, Manoj K. Jayan, Rahul Madhav,
  • Running Time: 2:28

This story revolves around the life of Zacharias Pothen and his family from a small village named Peerumedu. Zacharia Pothen is a 40-year-old retired Major. Because of his passion for his profession, he got married only after his retirement and was living happily with his wife. Suddenly one day, some of his old friends came there with hidden intentions, which he was unaware of, leading to the occurrence of unexpected things around him. This turned his life into a completely different track.