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Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!


  • Directed By: Morgan Spurlock
  • Running Time: 1:33

Since Spurlock's long-overdue indictment of the fast food industry in 2004, healthy menu options have become a popular trend, buoyed by clever marketing buzzwords such as organic, artisan, and all-natural. But does any of this really translate to improved alternatives for consumers? In his signature style, Spurlock creates his own fast-food chain from the ground up; he rents space at a chicken farm, conceives a menu, and hires a savvy marketing team to craft a brand that will appeal to health-minded customers. Recognizing how simple it is to follow the FDA's absurdly vague guidelines for applying terms like "free-range" to the food you serve, he opens Holy Chicken!, a restaurant peddling convenience fare under the guise of being better for you. Though he is overtly transparent about the ruse, will anyone actually notice?