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My Art

Rated: NR


  • Directed By: Laurie Simmons
  • Starring: Parker Posey, Lena Dunham, Barbara Sukowa, Robert Clohessy, Laurie Simmons
  • Running Time: 1:26

Single, New York City artist Ellie Shine is looking to gain inspiration and tranquility as she housesits for a friend in upstate New York. Accompanied by her lovable handicapped dog, Bing, Ellie comes of age ? middle age ? in her new surroundings. She turns the adjoining barn into her new workplace, staging elaborate recreations of classic movie scenes, ranging from SOME LIKE IT HOT to A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Business unexpectedly evolves into possible pleasure when Ellie invites three local men ? two gardeners and a lawyer ? to participate in her art. Soon all three men are becoming romantically interested in Ellie, but she remains determined to resist anything that could interrupt her work.