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Can We Still Be Friends?

Rated: NR


  • Directed By: Prime Cruz
  • Starring: Gerald Anderson, Arci Munoz,
  • Running Time: 113

“Can We Still Be Friends?” is centered on Digs (Gerald Anderson) – a no fuss, no frills kind of guy – and idealistic achiever Sam (Arci Muñoz) who are friends turned lovers turned exes. Their relationship as a couple lasted for almost eight years until they both decided on an amicable breakup.

As they face the dating world separately, the ex-couple consistently check on each other under the guise of “friendship.” This turns into a competition on who will find a new relationship first only to find out that one of them is still in love with the other.

Directed by Prime Cruz and with a screenplay written by Jen Chuaunsu, “Can We Still Be Friends?” is a love story that celebrates the indomitable millennial spirit as it attempts to ask the proverbial question: can exes really be friends?

“Can We Still Be Friends?” also assembles a remarkable millennial supporting cast led by Bryan Santos, Ria Atayde, Brian Sy, Gege Severo, Erika Padilla, Markki Stroem, and Emmanuelle Vera.